Cliffe Kennels

Get In Touch

We are open 9am - 6pm seven days of the week all year round. If you would like to speak to us over the phone you can call:

01226 762 391

You can also contact us online by sending us an email with your enquiry. We aim to respond to queries as soon as possible.

You can also get in touch by visiting us here at the kennels. We are open for viewing between 11am and 4pm. Please feel free to visit us between these hours. To find us simply use the map on our about us page.

Animals for adoption

As a leading rescue centre we are constantly looking for permanent loving homes for stray, abandoned, unwanted dogs and sometimes puppies. If you can help or are interested in finding a new pet our viewing hours lie between 11am and 4pm during which we can show you any of the animals currently staying at Cliffe Kennels.
Our adoption fees usually include and full course of vaccinations and 4 weeks pet insurance.

Additionally we are always in need of towels, blankets or anything that may be used for bedding, we are also open to any donations you wish to make to help abandoned animals currently at the shelter.

Hugo the Mastiff Cross Male


Approx 2 years old. He appears to be house trained and is very friendly. He likes a good walk and seems to be good around the other dogs. Hugo is a large strong dog who needs some lead training.

KIA the X GSD Female


approx 4 years, used to living with another dog, she can suffer distress when in new situations/environment so she needs a patient and understanding for ever home

DANNY the Jack Russell Male


Approx 4 years old, small size with a smooth coat and docked tail. He is very clean in his kennel and seems to get on ok with the other dogs.
He is full of energy and likes plenty of excersie.

LENNY the Large X Jack Russell Male


approx 4 years old, smooth coated

........................ the ........................ Male



Please visit or call us.

CHOLE the GSD X LAB Female


Chole is approx 4 years old, medium - large size and smooth haired. She is a very friendly and fussy dog that loves people. She does not like sharing toys with other dogs though, so Chole would have to be an only pet.

CHIMPS the Staffy Male


approx 3 years, a real chunky monkey !! Appears house trained, steady and does not bother with other dogs

BETTY the Staff X Boxer Female


Approx 2 years old and small sized. Betty is always happy to see us. She is very gentle but can be a little shy on first meetings. She appears to be house trained and seems ok around the other dogs.

BRUCE the Cross Terrier Type Male


Approx 2 years old, large terrier size with a rough/broken coat. Bruce is a very different looking dog who seem ok around other dogs and appears to be house trained.

RED the Staffy Female


Approx 2-3 years old, good staffy size and well built. She is very friendly, seems to get on with the other dogs and is clean in her kennel.

LOLA the Staffy Female


approx 2 years old, a very sweet nature, good around other dogs and seems to be great with children. Appears house trained and gentle on a lead

NOLA the Staffy Female


Approx 1 year old and small but chunky. She is a very friendly little staffy who loves being around people. She seems to be good around other dogs and appears to be house trained.

TILLY the Staff Male


Tilly is another lovely little staff needing a new home. She seems to be good around other dogs and is clean in her kennel. Loves cuddles and fuss.